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            The Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) of Shree J.M. Patel Institute of Social Work & Applied Arts in 2017. One of the major challenges of the IQAC is quality sustenance of the institution. It has channelized various efforts and measures towards the holistic development of the institution.

            The Institute caters to the academic requirements of students not only through insight filled classroom teaching, but also by ensuring quality enhancement in every sphere of the institution and student’s life on the campus. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell is an immensely alert entity of the institute that takes care to provide the best quality inputs on campus. All activities of the IQAC have proved to be immensely satisfying and beneficial to students and faculty alike. The IQAC plays an important role in ensuring quality of the functioning of administrative and academic units of the college. The IQAC continuously reviews the functioning of the various departments and facilitates necessary changes as and when required. The college has developed quality assurance mechanisms within the existing academic and administrative system.

           To ensure quality in administrative functions of the college, proper delegation of tasks and promoting a culture of clear communication regarding areas of responsibility accountability is practiced.


Empowerment through Pursuit of Excellence

  • To help students to achieve excellence by pursuing inquiry based knowledge to face global challenges.
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop critical thinking, skills and creativity, to help them achieve scholastic and career success.
  • To innovate new ideas in teaching, learning and evaluation process.


Strive for excellence in education in keeping with the motto of the college, “ Learn to Live and Live to Serve ” and prepare young minds for imbibing knowledge, skills and sensitivity.

Composition of IQAC

Shree J.M.Patel Institute of Social Work & Applied Arts, Anand






  1. Dr. Jyotika Patel

Teachers Represent

  1. Mr. Amit Roy
  2. Mrs. Dharti Darji
  3. Mrs. Niti Joshi
  4. Mrs. Nehal Goswami

One Member From the Management

  1. Shri. Harendra Bhatt (Secretary)

Few Senior Administrative Officers

  1. Jaykishanbhai Shah
  2. Rajanbhai Patel

One Nominee each from local society, Students and Alumni

  1. Dr. Dilsukh Sukhadiya
  2. Mr. Dilip Patel
  3. Mr. Paresh Rohit (Alumni)

One Nominee each from Employers/Industrialists/Stakeholders

  1. Dr. Dineshbhai D. Patel (Industrialist)
  2. Smt. Ishitaben P. Patel (Registrar)

One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC

  1. Mrs. Niti Joshi


  • Its main function is to plan and implement quality initiatives and evaluate. It follows its calendar for meetings, quality agenda and maintains its proceedings.
  • Distribution of information on the various quality parameters of higher education.
  • Consistent efforts to mobilize resources, which would enhance the overall quality of the institution.
  • Sharing of resources and infrastructure for their optimal utilization and disintegrate conventional subject boundaries.
  • Develop and follow innovative teaching methods with reasonable use of ICT.
  • Facilitates the process of infrastructure development of the institution
  • Students progress and support activities
  • Motivation and appreciation of teachers to develop professional skills and encourage them to conduct research.
  • Extends support for organizing the programs.
  • Facilitates the process of documentation
  • Co-ordinate the preparation of individual time table and lesson plan
  • Committee’s action plan and report
  • Departmental action plan and report
  • Feedback analysis
  • Organizes capacity building programs
  • Conducts periodical meetings


Institute Result November 2013-2014  

CourseNo. of Studentpassfailpercentage
B.S.W - I SEMESTER47351274.46
MHRM I SEMESTER44420295.45
M.S.W I SEMESTER1411380397.87

Institute Result APRIL  2013-2014

CourseNo of studentpassfailpercentage
B.S.W -II89840594.38
MHRM II40390197.5

Institute Result NOVEMBER 2014

BSW I32280487.5
BSW III44420295.45
MSW I1251210496.08
MSW III1311300199.23
MHRM I29270293.10

Institute Result APRIL 2015

BSW II29270293.10
BSW IV37350294.59
MSW II1241230199.19
MSW IV130130NIL100
MHRM II28270196.42
MHRM IV40360490

Quality Assurance

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Future Plans

  • To prepare autonomous social work practitioners committed to working effectively with Individual, Families, Groups, Communities & various Organisations.
  • To impart Knowledge of social work values and ethics among the students.
  • To motivate the students to address the challenges effectively and stand against the violation of Human Rights and Social Injustice.
  • Modernization of more class rooms to e-classrooms using ICT tools.
  • To embrace technology and digital initiatives, further to the development of skills and research and enable our students to have access to lifelong learning, we shall aim to become a leader in technology enabled teaching – learning and research institution.
  • To strengthen the liaison among the stakeholders like, students, teachers, parents, employers etc.
  • Organization of more Seminars/Workshops on Use of ICT in Quality Teaching-Learning, Research Methodology & Environment.
  • Workshop for students on skill development Program

Staff Achievement

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